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Web design for SMEs

Up-to-date websites for your business

The hub of the relationship between a business and its customers today is usually the business website. Web design plays an important role for small and medium-sized companies: first contact with future customers, reliable communication with loyal regular customers, customer service, e-commerce / online shop or positioning of the business in the market e.g. as a market or opinion leader.

Our solutions and offers for more success on the web or for the successful launch or relaunch of your website have been tried and tested many times in practice. We have your special website requirements as SME in mind. Take our word for it: we are solution finders.

How does konavi proceed in web design SMEs? +
Your own website is more than just a business card on the Internet. Our offers for your web design, the implementation of the website and the technical basics for an optimal start with search engines such as Google are specifically geared towards small and medium-sized businesses.

Our solutions for the successful launch or relaunch of your website are tried and tested. Here is how we normally proceed in three steps:

  1. Your goals? We will start with your goals and requirements – what do you want to achieve with your website?
  2. Our ideas? Next, this results in a detailed web concept including design suggestions.
  3. We do it. Last but not least, we will implement as agreed and according to scope, time and budget.

Three easy steps.

What types of websites does konavi offer, including website builder? +
During many projects, a modular approach has proven itself for the vast majority of customers: Together with us, you define what exactly you want to achieve with the future website and which resources are available to you. We will then suggest a suitable framework from our website construction kit. From S to XXL, website builders or individual programming, everything is possible here.

Modular in no way means that you get an “off the shelf” website from konavi. Rather, modular refers to the technology used in the background and e.g. the number of pages and content you want to see later.

We prefer to work with so-called CMS, content management systems, like WordPress or JOOMLA.

What does a website project look like? +
Good of you to ask. Although every project is of course as unique as the business that commissions us, there are several similarities.

An exemplary website project looks like this at konavi:

  • We’ll start with an audit on existing customer websites and a competitive analysis.
  • We’ll use tools to get to the bottom of our analyses, e.g. Google Page Speed, GTMetrix, Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster Tools for our analyzes.
  • We will then present the conclusion from the previous analyzes in a detailed concept. With clear recommendations on how you can best achieve your web goals with a new or revised website.
  • You will also receive our design proposals as part of the fine concept. Out of conviction, we design your website on the CMS systems JOOMLA or WordPress.
What do we need for effective collaboration? +
First – full access to your web technology. It’s not enough to get a mere peek at your systems, we have to go into the nitty gritty. I.e. we need at least full access to your Google Search Console and Google Analytics or your analytics program. If you are already using a CMS such as WordPress or JOOMLA, we need admin access and access for your hosting provider.

Equipped in this way, we will get started with the website project quickly and very effectively. And present the desired results just as quickly.


Strategy plan

We develop a plan based on the tasks and goals of your company.


We use the results from step 1 to lay the foundations for your online marketing.


As soon as all preparations are done, we will launch your brand online with suitable measures.

Let’s go, don’t be shy. Inquiry right here.