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Reach out to your customers with social media marketing

Almost all of us are online on one or more social networks, many of us daily. How do you attract people to your business on XING, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Co.? Our expertise in social media marketing for SMEs will guide you there.

Together, we will determine: Which social media channels are relevant for your customers? Where should your business be represented, what can you achieve on these channels? We are happy to explain what you should or should not do in social media marketing in a free initial consultation.

The be-all and end-all of social media marketing – your target group must perceive your social media activities as genuine and relevant! For us and our work this means: Your customers are our customers, too. The needs of your target group, your customers will be at the centre of all our activities and ideas. Take our word for it: We care about your customers.

Which services do we offer in social media marketing?
Which services do we offer in social media marketing?

You don’t have to fool yourself; social media requires resources on every level. Every action you will take needs human resources: collecting and processing existing and new content and images, creating the story and the constant and always up-to-date presence on social media channels as well as that online dialogue with your fans. In the rarest of cases, social media can be done in passing.

And this is exactly where the konavi all-round service will come in handy, just as you need it. Our clients trust that we manage their social media marketing very actively and on their behalf: from planning and optimizing social media contributions, managing advertising budgets, campaign planning and optimization, to monitoring and evaluating social media communication Рwe  will take care of it.

We will be your reliable and competent social media management team, with your customers in our focus constantly.

How much does social media marketing cost at konavi?
For the continuous all-round support of their entire social media marketing, our clients invest between 1,000 to 4,800 Euros per month. The results we achieve are always related to the desired goals. We will record both in an individual client or agency agreement.

This agreement typically includes several online marketing services, including also social media marketing for SMEs.

A monthly management fee could include these services for your business:

  • Collect and (re) recycle existing content
  • Research, create of new content
  • Publish social media contributions on all channels used by your business, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
  • Interact with our clients’ customers and fans on social media daily, react appropriately and promptly to comments, messages and mentions of fans / users
  • Manage and optimize campaign of social media ads / ads, including Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads
  • Monitoring, reporting and continuous optimization suggestions for the overall strategy
Which services do we provide in social media marketing? +
We create and manage the social media presence for your business and support you in achieving your marketing goals there. Our most common activities in social media marketing for small and medium-sized companies include:

  • Publish on social media e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and XING
  • Interact with fans and followers – answer questions, comment, like, share, solve problems and restore the netiquette if necessary
  • Monitor all social media activities including comments, messages and keyword mentions
  • Manage and optimize campaigns, social media ads, like e.g. Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads, in order to achieve a positive ROI via social media
  • Manage your individual LinkedIn or XING business presence. For more leads, business meetings and professional exchange.

Of course, we will deliver regular reports and communicate results (weekly). To enable you to clearly relate our activities to your return on investment (ROI).

What happens after the client agreement is signed?
Signing the client agreement is the starting signal for a mostly long-term, loyal, and reliable partnership between us. It describes our services in social media marketing for SMEs in a transparent, unambiguous manner and lays out the extent to which our support is desired.

Then our work starts with the familiar 3 konavi steps:

  1. What is there already? We will analyze the social media activities of your business and your competitors in order to propose an individual, tailor-made strategy – and to determine it with you.
  2. How do we get there? We will build the foundation of future work on this strategy, i.e. we quickly take care of all the necessary preparations for your social media marketing.
  3. What do we do next? We will dive right into it and get started with the implementation, e.g. with all the activities related to your social media presence.

It is that simple. 1,2 3.

If your business is already active on social media networks, we would need full access to your Google or social media advertising accounts, the Google Search Console and Google Analytics or your analytics program for effective collaboration. In addition, you’ll need to provide the admin access for each individual social media channel.


Strategy plan

We develop a plan based on the tasks and goals of your company.


We use the results from step 1 to lay the foundations for your online marketing.


As soon as all preparations are done, we will launch your brand online with suitable measures.

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