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konavi – who? how?

konavi is short for “communication navigator” – the name of our collaborative website. The konavi cooperation network consists of us, Claudia Beauchamp, Kristine Broschart and Florian Flade. We are both cooperation partners and independently working as freelancers.

What are the advantages of konavi?

If required, you can get the entire range of services from konavi as you would from a large full-service agency – without paying for an administrative overhead. We work very cost-consciously and with a very clear focus: We only recommend online marketing strategies and means that are relevant, successful, and feasible for SMEs.

And should you want to expand abroad or within Germany: Thanks to longstanding international customers and contacts, konavi is the ideal partner for your plans. English as a working language is a matter of course for us.

Said and done –
for us, that is far more than just said. We keep to what we promise you. You will be informed about changes before something is due. Always.
Do, don't just talk –
yes, we would also be happy to discuss the online marketing strategy or social media marketing in detail. But it is only in doing and acting that it becomes clear what a plan or idea is worth.You can hold us accountable for what we do.
We are solution finders, not problem seekers –
from the bottom of our hearts. There are already enough problems out there. So our focus is consistently on opportunities, possibilities and the best possible solutions. It goes without saying that we normally get the best out of it when we get going.
Different, but always with your own initiative –
we believe in thinking outside the box. We like to try new things; it brings different results. Because as Albert Einstein (supposedly) said: “The definition of madness is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.”
Down to earth and pragmatism –
two of our special superpowers, very significant for SMEs. We do not reinvent the wheel every time or follow the latest hype. Above all, we’ll find out all about your goals and then develop the appropriate online marketing plan that’s right for your business.
We have the same view of your customer –
Your customers are also our customers. Therefore, the needs of your customers, your target group are at the center of all our activities and creativity.
Motivation knows no clock –
Give us a try and you will see that our best ideas do not stick to the clock. But don’t worry, if we have our best ideas during the night, you won’t have to lose any sleep over it.
With passion - we only have A projects!
we only have A projects! We are the first and biggest fans of our customers. Company size or budget makes no difference to us. As a matter of principle, we do not have A, B or C customer rankings.
Claudia Beauchamp

Claudia Beauchamp

Today, products and services are no longer sold “just like that” – customers expect a dialogue at eye level, which today mostly begins online.

With my colleagues in the konavi network, I support small and medium-sized businesses to start exactly this conversation, to find customers, to listen to them and to answer their questions. Your advantage: more sales, visibility, and credibility. The best way to get there in my opinion is with the help of a tailor-made online strategy. Which is something like the essence of my strategy advice. The method behind delivering such a tailor-made strategy has proven its worth, especially for small and medium-sized companies: It’s pragmatic, geared towards measurable success, feasible (and affordable!)

konavi customers benefit from my many years of experience as a multiple founder and consultant. I have worked as online marketing expert and trainer in various positions and companies; e.g. in a PR agency specializing in technology, in publishing, marketing, as Head of PR and Communication Europe of a global online travel company or as Head of Marketing and Sales for a SME business consultancy.

Kristine Broschart

Kristine Broschart

My credo: Do not invest a single Euro where you do not know what the return will be at the end of the day. The success of online marketing can be substantiated with numbers anytime, anywhere. And that is exactly what makes it so exciting.

I advise and support small and medium-sized companies with my konavi colleagues to help build and establish trusting relationships with their target group, i.e. their customers, via the appropriate online marketing channels. As the Internet has become so firmly integrated in our everyday lives, it has become indispensable to address customers, especially for B2B customers. The search for information, finding providers of certain products or services, providing background on people and businesses: We all search and find this information online first.

Before becoming a freelancer, I gained more than 14 years of experience in the online media industry, both on the agency and customer side. As “Head of Online Marketing” at expedia.de, I was able to experience first-hand for a few years exactly how to use the numerous online channels and how to “sell the most beautiful trips around the world” to a ever broadening customer base.

Florian Flade

Florian Flade

The principles of good design still apply unchanged. For more than 90% of all online shoppers, the first visual impression decides whether they buy something on a website or not. For almost half of all users, design alone is decisive: they leave and often never come back if they don’t like what they see, e.g. if they don’t like the color. In my work I combine design and functionality, offline with online, classic with modern. Whatever suits the customer best.

My basis?

Solid advertising training and specialist studies – and almost 25 years of experience in an owner-managed advertising agency, specializing in small and medium-sized companies and trade in Munich.

Advantage for our customers?

Whether production, design, or creative concepts, I chip in my current know-how of “big companies and transfer or adapt it to the needs of the “little ones”. Always with a clear konavi view of what’s going on and what is desired in SMEs, suitable for the respective budget.


Strategy plan

We develop a plan based on the tasks and goals of your company.


We use the results from step 1 to lay the foundations for your online marketing.


As soon as all preparations are done, we will launch your brand online with suitable measures.

What our clients say
Markus Bockhorni

Markus Bockhorni

Managing Partner, eMBIS GmbH

“For eMBIS, Kristine and Claudia are sparring partners as well as implementation experts in online marketing. Put together, their work achieves more reach and better conversion.”
Dr. Bodo Jaspert

Dr. Bodo Jaspert

Founder and Managing Partner, ErgoProTech GmbH

“Fast, competent and problem-oriented. konavi helped us a lot, especially with the customer-oriented redesign of our texts.”
Dr. Andreas Reidl

Dr. Andreas Reidl

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, grosseltern.de

“Since our launch, Kristine has taken care of our entire online marketing at grosseltern.de. With a focus on the website and social media. Without her, our success would not have been the same.”
René Bender

René Bender

Marketing-/Press AEG Haustechnik

“We have been working with Florian Flade for our brands AEG and Zanker for a long time and appreciate him as a fast and reliable agency partner.”

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