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We have been working for or within small and medium-sized companies for more than two decades, most of the time in online marketing. We know the structures, the special environment, and the challenges that SMEs face today. We’re set up as a highly effective online marketing agency for small and medium-sized businesses, in and around Munich – we are at home here. However, our customers and projects can be found far beyond.

Do you want to launch or expand your online marketing? In a free initial consultation, we would be happy to show you how you can profitably use online marketing for your company.

Challenge us. We consider ourselves as online marketing implementation experts: we efficiently and quickly work according to the approved online marketing plans, we get things done, provide impulses and drive projects forward decisively. We keep to what we promise you. If there are any changes, you will know about them in good time. Always. Take our word for it – said, done!

Online marketing agency for small and medium-sized businesses Munich
We develop your individual online marketing in three comprehensible steps:

Step 1: After your briefing, we will develop the right strategy for you.
Step 2: We will lay the foundations for implementing the digital strategy for you.
Step 3: We will create an action plan that leads you step by step towards your goal.

If required, we will also take over the subsequent implementation of the online marketing or campaign plan.

The main focus of our activities as an online marketing agency for small and medium-sized businesses are social media marketing, email and newsletter marketing as well as researching and editing content for your online marketing. In short: We will make you visible on the Internet and put you in touch with your customers!

Social media marketing
In social media marketing, our services make small and medium-sized businesses become alive and visible in social networks. Our SME customers trust us to take on the essential tasks of their digital marketing: from planning, creation and optimization of social media posts, managing their online advertising budgets, to the support of 1:1 customer communication – we will implement your online strategy reliably, competently and always with heart and mind.

The result of our joint work?

  • You will soon find that online interactions with your customers are increasing significantly.
  • You can watch your online community grow.
  • In a short time, you will build well-stocked social media channels that will be available to you for further online marketing.
Website / Google / SEO
Your website is at the heart of your business and your digital marketing. Everything in online marketing comes together there. We support you on the way to the optimal website and the corresponding, tailored online marketing strategy – from defining requirements and target groups to setting goals through to relaunch or launch.

After the launch is before the optimization. When your new website or campaign is ready, our search engine optimization work begins. We’ll show you which SEO mechanisms you should consider and where SEO potential can still be leveraged. So that Google, Bing & Co. will present your website with the search terms that are important to you – and in a good position on the search results pages.

Advertising and communication
Advertising or marketing communication is a wide field. In addition to online marketing means, we design and implement creative, “tried and testes” classic advertising means for your business. These include logo development, photography, business equipment, corporate design / corporate identity, all printed and advertising material, trade fair concepts and construction as well as general event services.

Our longstanding and extensive experience in classic communication and offline marketing is the basis of our mutual success.


Strategy plan

We develop a plan based on the tasks and goals of your company.


We use the results from step 1 to lay the foundations for your online marketing.


As soon as all preparations are done, we will launch your brand online with suitable measures.

What our clients say
Markus Bockhorni

Markus Bockhorni

Managing Partner, eMBIS GmbH

“For eMBIS, Kristine and Claudia are sparring partners as well as implementation experts in online marketing. Put together, their work achieves more reach and better conversion.”
Dr. Bodo Jaspert

Dr. Bodo Jaspert

Founder and Managing Partner, ErgoProTech GmbH

“Fast, competent and problem-oriented. konavi helped us a lot, especially with the customer-oriented redesign of our texts.”
Dr. Andreas Reidl

Dr. Andreas Reidl

Co-Founder and Managing Partner,

“Since our launch, Kristine has taken care of our entire online marketing at With a focus on the website and social media. Without her, our success would not have been the same.”
René Bender

René Bender

Marketing-/Press AEG Haustechnik

“We have been working with Florian Flade for our brands AEG and Zanker for a long time and appreciate him as a fast and reliable agency partner.”
The team @ konavi
konavi, the online marketing agency for small and medium-sized businesses, is based around Munich. We are set up very lean as a “new network” or co-operation agency. This suits the needs of SMEs. They, often, cannot or do not want to afford their own marketing department or a large agency. We have been around since 2014 as a cooperation between us, all independent digital marketing consultants and designers. Individually or as a team, we look after our customers as an online marketing agency for small and medium-sized businesses. Not only in Munich and surrounds, but far beyond!

Our passion: We bring businesses together with their customers – while having great fun doing what we do together.
The advantage for you: With no or very little overhead or fixed costs, we offer digital and classic marketing consulting and implementation from a single source. We deliver strategies, plans and practical “hands on” support, just as your goals and target groups require. With more than 20 years of marketing experience, we know which marketing means are the most suitable for your business. And we also know how we can implement these as quickly as possible, as “lean” as possible and as profitably as possible. True to our motto: No sooner said than done!

Claudia Beauchamp

Claudia Beauchamp

Products and services are no longer sold “just like that” – customers expect real dialogue at eye level, real answers to their questions. We ensure that your customers find your answers.

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Kristine Broschart

Kristine Broschart

My credo: Don’t invest a single Euro if you don’t know what the return will be at the end of the day. Success in online marketing can always be proven with facts and numbers. That’s what makes it so exciting.

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Florian Flade

Florian Flade

The principles of good design apply unchanged. In my work I combine appealing design and functionality, offline with online, classic with modern. Whatever suits the customer best.

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